About Me

EmiLee Smart

Ph.D. Candidate and Political Science Instructor


I am a Ph.D. candidate and primary instructor of Political Science at the University of Kentucky. I am enthusiastic about teaching a variety of courses and students. I am also a committed researcher focused on utilizing mixed methods to better understand the world around me particularly in relation to legal influence on minority or marginalized groups such as women, racial minorities, indigenous peoples etc.

I am currently focused on researching the Shadow Docket of the Supreme Court. This timely research examines decision making by Justices when they do not follow regular Court procedures such as presentation of oral arguments and submission of attorney briefs. My interest stems from an overall intrigue in American Political Institutions and the implementation of informal institutions.

While I enjoy research and the associated challenges, teaching is what really keeps my interest in Political Science. I am determined to create inclusive and student centered learning environments whether in-person or online. I have been instructor of record for a variety of courses both online and in-person for introduction and upper-level political science courses. My experiences have taught me the importance of communicating as effectively as possible with as many individuals as possible.

When I am not engaging in research or teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family and my cat King Louis. I de-stress by baking and spending time in my vegetable and flower gardens.

Research Interests

  • Supreme Court
  • Law and Marginalized Groups
  • Shadow Docket
  • Gender and Politics
  • Text Analysis

Teaching Interests

  • Constitutional Law
  • Civil Rights and Liberties
  • American Politics
  • Political Institutions
  • Judicial Politics
  • Methods

Get in touch

I am always available for co-authoring and teaching opportunities. If you want to chat about Political Science, Judicial Politics, baking, gardening, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.

Email: esi237@g.uky.edu

Twitter: @smart_emilee

LinkedIn: EmiLee Smart