I have served as an instructor of record for multiple courses including both introduction and upper level courses. As a first-generation student myself, I strive to be an ally to all students by striving to provide a diverse and inclusive classroom. I believe in promoting both critical thinking and hands-on skills in my courses. My classes are structured to be student-led discussions as much as possible with flexible assignments that allow for the unique interests and strengths of my students.

I have also worked to complete my Certificate in College Teaching and Learning by Spring 2023. This certificate provided by The University of Kentucky provided me with courses focused on improving my teaching skills, understanding the world of higher education, and student development.
Below is a sample of student comments, as well as evaluations and sample syllabi.

Student Comments


  • “Emilee was super kind and answered questions clearly in a way that I could understand. She also did not make me feel bad for not knowing something and instead helped me understand.”
  • “Very kind to students. ALWAYS emails back right away and very helpful.”
  • “Instructor was clear and answered any clarification questions. She did a good job at reinforcing past material and communicating clearly.”
  • “I have never had a professor who cares so much about their students and their understanding. She really goes out of her way to ensure that everyone feels heard and understands the course content. One of the best professors I have ever had.”

Assignments and Course Organization:

  • “I felt that the projects allowed us to take what we learned and apply it in a way that was actually helpful and wasn’t too hard”
  • “I liked how there was an interaction and quick responses to questions. The projects were also interesting prompts!”
  • “I would say the papers were really good for understanding the content and put it into real world application
  • “I liked the powerpoint slides and articles we read. They were concise and really helped organize the material. I also like how the course was structured around myths and reality of the court system”


  • “I really liked how engaging she made the class. It was an hour and fifteen minute class and it never felt like that. It went by so quickly because of how interesting she kept it. I loved how she knew her students names. Sometimes that is rare to find that in a professor. She was amazing and really wanted us to excel!”
  • “I enjoyed the lectures very much. Very engaging!”
  • “It was helpful that the professor did not share here own political views rather she just taught us which is harder to find, but I found it much more educational”
  • “My instructor did a fantastic job of explaining the content in interesting ways and including current events to help us better understand the content. It is obvious that she cares about her students and genuinely wants us to use critical thinking skills to fully our government. She is passionate about the topic and wants to see students succeed. I really liked her teaching style. I liked that she didn’t force anyone to participate, but allowed those more confident in the material to share as they felt comfortable.”
  • “I really liked the way EmiLee presented material, answered questions, and reviewed problems. She adapted well to us and gave us beneficial practice and answers. If I could take her again, I would.”

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PS 372 Political Analysis

PS 360 Politics of Law and Courts

PS 101 Introduction to American Politics